Energy Intelligence Software (EIS)

Introduce foreign advanced technology and software, provide demand side response (DR) and data driven management through smart grid facilities, stimulate the initiative of commercial and industrial consumers and provide the solution that can substitute for the traditional supply scheme and is more flexible, low in cost and effective to the power companies, grid operators, retail suppliers and large-scale energy consumers.

The system provides the new power demand side management and response functions considering the renewable energy sources so as to reduce or delay the investment of traditional adjustable power source and grid, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operation cost of the overall power system and reduce the pollutant discharge.

The system integrates various instruments, sensors, construction management systems, industrial control equipment functions and many information about the market price, meteorological data and charges and can provide strong visualization analysis tools for the user to realize the energy management objectives. 

The system will collect, display and analyze various data affecting the energy cost of commercial and industrial users. It combines the energy using situation and price information with the forecast analysis, clearly and intuitively provides relevant information for the users and effectively helps them to arrange and carry out energy management.

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