Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone


Build "Green City" in the radiating area with the "High-tech Park" for the center and establish the "Supply-Demand-Storage" self-balancing body of high-proportion clean energy.

Establish the demand side management demonstration in the area based on building automation, guide users to transform the concept from "Electricity Focus" to "Power Focus" by taking the industry and commerce as the breakthrough and build the smart power consumption system in the park.

Establish regional comprehensive energy server, provide clean and efficient comprehensive energy service for the part, including various complimentary such as electricity, cold, heat, gas and oil, and realize maximum comprehensive energy utilization rate in the park.

To realize the smart energy consumption in the park, develop the energy comprehensive service platform and fuse the distributed energy management system, energy storage integrated management system and demand side management integrated control system. Realize the smart city "interaction of energy, grid and load" and multi-energy coordination complementary optimization, reduce energy using cost and create economic benefit for terminal users as well as environmental benefit for social development.

Based on the characteristic of "One Zone Multiple Parks" of Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the establishment of smart energy system in the park will lay the foundation for building the smart energy and smart city of the whole city.

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